Create and Animate an Amazing 3D Photo in Photoshop CC!

December 15, 2016, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 61 views
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This video tutorial is a little different than most of the videos that I make. Here we will take a look at how to transform a simple 2-dimensional photo into a full 3D space that we can float through and even animate in Photoshop. It’s pretty incredible to see the first time you do see it happen, but it’s definitely unforgettable! We will cover working with Vanishing Point, Creating 3D Planes, Creating a 3D layer from Vanishing Point, Positioning the 3D Camera in that space, Animating the 3D camera, Adding a second movement to the 3D camera, Adjusting depth of field with the 3D camera, and exporting the video as a 1080p HD video.

Photo used in this tutorial: Canyon.…

Written Photoshop tutorial:

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