Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Map Module Tutorial

December 23, 2016, Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 105 views
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(PREVIEW) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Map Module Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s Map Module is a phenomenal organization tool for landscape and travel photographers like me.

Although Photoshop Lightroom’s Map Module is one of the most useful features in the entire program it gets almost no publicity or praise. This is a shame because image organization for a photographer like me who loves to travel is so much easier once you understand what Lightroom’s Map Module can do for you.

Perhaps the power of Lightroom’s Map Module gets overlooked because of two myths and misunderstandings.

*Myth #1:* There is a mistaken belief that you need to shoot with a camera that has a built in GPS receiver in order to use this Module.

As you can see in the video tutorial excerpt above, this is not true at all. Adding GPS data to photographs that were not geotagged by the camera at the time of capture is literally drag-and-drop easy.

*Myth #2:* There is a fear amongst some Lightroom users that including geo-referenced data in their files will broadcast their favorite shooting locations or compromise their privacy.

This is definitely a meaningful concern but I assure you that there are strong safeguards built into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to ensure that your privacy is indeed protected without missing out on the power of this fantastic organizational tool.

I do not cover Lightroom’s Location privacy controls in this short tutorial excerpt but I assure you that they are there and that I do explain them in-depth the complete HD version of this video lesson.

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