Is Affinity Photo FASTER than Photoshop? Not Always…

January 10, 2017, Product Review, Useful Tech Tips, 97 views
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I did a quick performance test to see whether Affinity Photo or Photoshop performs faster. Is Affinity Photo faster than Photoshop? Affinity Photo uses significantly less RAM and VRAM…. but using less resources doesn’t mean it’s faster. I recommend Affinity Photo for slower computers with 4GB of RAM or less. On faster computers, you should be making your decision based on features, pricing, and how it fits your workflow.

– Photoshop’s startup times are slightly faster by a couple seconds
– Opening files in Photoshop was also faster.
– Filters in Affinity Photo are generally faster.
– The raw editor much smoother and faster in Photoshop.
– Affinity Photo uses significantly less RAM and VRAM making it a suitable choice for slower computers.
– Interface performance is fast on both. Affinity Photo has some tricks to make it “feel” snappier.

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