How to Edit a Time Lapse Photo Sequence in Lightroom

January 16, 2017, Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, 147 views
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A tutorial on how to edit a time lapse photo sequence in Lightroom and how to export your edited frames to a specific folder. I recommend you to shoot your time lapse frame by frame and if it’s possible in RAW format. This way you can edit all the photos almost nondestructively in Adobe Lightroom.

Take your time and edit the first photo of the sequence using the sliders. Adjust the exposure, the contrast and the vibrace/saturation as you wish. You can always take it to a higher level by modifying the Luminance and the HUE for every color individually. This will give you much better results.

Crop your frame to a 16:9 ratio.

After you are pleased with the editing on your first frame from the time lapse, use the SYNC button to copy all the slider values to the rest of the images in the sequence.

Select all the images and use the export dialog box with the settings presented in the tutorial to save your edited and processed photos to a specific folder in your computer.

You will need then to create the time lapse movie. I suggest to use Adobe Premiere Pro for this. Here is a tutorial that I made to accomplish this:
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