10 Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Photographers

January 19, 2017, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 46 views
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If you’re a photographer looking to use Photoshop a little better and faster and more effectively for your images, this tutorial will help you to learn 10 things that I think are great tips and tricks specifically for photographers in Photoshop. This video will cover:

1. Lifting the Black Point and Tweaking Contrast and Tone
2. Create Simple Luminosity Masks
3. Non-Destructive Healing and Cloning
4. Targeting Skin Tones
5. Face Replacement
6. Simple Color Correction
7. Saturation vs. Vibrance
8. Displaying Sharpening Masks in Camera RAW
9. Selective Sharpening
10. Camera RAW Grain in Photoshop

Written Photoshop tutorial: http://bit.ly/2iVul10

00:49 Lifting the black point with Levels, Curves, & Selective Color
04:33 Simple Luminosity Masks
16:12 Non-Destructive Healing and Cloning
20:58 Targeting Skin Tone Colors
25:09 Face Replacement
31:13 Color Correction Techniques
34:22 Vibrance vs. Saturation
36:06 Heads up Display Sharpening and Masking
38:06 Selective Sharpening
40:36 The Best Organic Grain in Photoshop

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