Create a Floral Typography Text Effect in Photoshop CC

January 24, 2017, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 45 views
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This Photoshop tutorial is all about how to create a cool effect where type is intertwined through a floral bouquet. We’ll cover how to layer masks and shadows to build a complex effect that has depth and shape. We will also create a type of parchment paper beneath the floral design to make sure the whole effect sits on a beautiful background.

Written Photoshop tutorial:

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00:31 Getting started
02:09 Extending the canvas
02:56 Adding the background first
03:34 Making the border
06:00 Masking away the overlapping flowers
09:51 Adding the letters
12:44 Making the border and flower shadow
14:54 Adding shadows to overlapping flowers
20:45 Adding shadows to overlapping text
23:07 Tucking the text into the flowers/bouquet
26:08 Adding more shadow to the text to blend it in
29:05 Adding the accent text
32:07 Sharpening effect
33:44 Adding grain to create a paper texture


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Download the floral brush I used for the parchment paper background:…

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