Tools To Become a Better Cinematographer

February 16, 2017, Photography Tips, Useful Tech Tips, 22 views
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In this tutorial, I wanted to talk to you about 2 subjects I have been asked a lot about – the cinematic camera moves and music.

Nailing down that cinematic smooth and flowing moves with a small camera can be difficult as it’s so small and shaky.

For that reason, I got myself a new Gimbal – the ikan EC1. This Gimbal is nice and simple. Depending on the type of your camera and how you attached the baseplate, it could take a couple of tweaks, but the process itself is very self-explanatory.

The cool thing about this Gimbal is that it doesn’t take a lot to balance.

I was just walking down the street, playing around with it and it’s fast and smooth to use.

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