How to Get Amazing Audio in Premiere Pro 2017

February 21, 2017, Adobe Premiere Tutorial, 44 views
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HOW AND WHY OF AMAZING AUDIO! | Quickly learn to use advanced effects in Premiere Pro | We will cover Adaptive Noise Reduction, Mastering, and Multiband Compressor

Did you know that the powerful Adobe Audition feature Adaptive Noise Reduction has been moved into Premiere Pro? You can use it to quickly and smartly find the “bad” noise in your audio track and neutralize it in an intelligent manner.

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01:14 Looking at a few microphones
02:30 Getting started
03:04 Checking the audio levels and boosting gain
04:25 Adaptive Noise Reduction for getting rid of background noise
05:37 Boosting crispness with Mastering effect
06:41 Multiband Compressor
15:23 Before/After audio check
15:56 Saving a preset and applying effect to multiple clips

We will also talk a little bit about the Mastering effect, but the bulk of this tutorial will be spent covering the ultra powerful and very useful Multiband Compressor which we can use to really add that element of “radio voice” to our vocal recordings, or just selectively boost or enhance very specific ranges of frequency in voice or music tracks. The more you learn about Multiband Compressor, the more I’m sure you will love it! Check out the video and drop a like on it if you feel so inclined! Thanks for watching!

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