Animate a Hand Drawn Lettering in After Effects

April 17, 2017, Adobe After Effects Tutorials, 29 views
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Animate a hand drawn lettering inside After Effects. Learn how to import vector paths from Adobe Illustrator and animate them using Shape Layer Path Operators.

▶ After Effects Shape Layers
Shape layers contain vector graphics objects called shapes. By default, a shape consists of a path, a stroke, and a fill. You create shape layers by drawing in the Composition panel with the shape tools or the Pen tool.

Shape paths, paint operations, and path operations for shapes are collectively called shape attributes. You add shape attributes using the Add menu in the Tools panel or in the Timeline panel. Each shape attribute is represented as a property group in the Timeline panel, with properties that you can animate, just as you do with any other layer property.

▶ Set stroke width
To set stroke width for new shapes in pixels drag the underlined Stroke Width control or click the control and enter a value in the box. To set the stroke width for existing shapes, select them before using the Stroke Width control.

▶ Butt Cap
The stroke ends at the end of the path.

▶ Round Cap
The stroke extends beyond the end of the path for a number of pixels equal to the stroke width in pixels. The cap is a semicircle.

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