New Features – April 2017 (Adobe Character Animator CC Beta)

May 10, 2017, Adobe Character Animator, 90 views
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Take a tour through some of the best new features added in the latest release of Adobe Character Animator CC Beta. The new Walk behavior makes it quick and easy to get your characters walking, running, sneaking, and more. Rig, record, and stream workspaces allow for an optimized user interface for each part of the workflow. Viseme editing lets you trim, delete, swap, and split individual mouth shapes for precise frame-by-frame lip sync. Mercury Transmit opens up new livestream possibilities with support for external displays and NewTek’s NDI plugin. And other features include blending mode support, rotation and amplitude option for the nutcracker jaw, new puppet panel tag visualizations, and much more.

0:00 Intro
1:58 Walk Behavior
13:00 Workspaces
19:35 Viseme Editing
25:10 Mercury Transmit Streaming
29:31 Other Highlights
32:35 Outro

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