How To Run A Creative Business: In-depth breakdown w/ Melinda Livsey

June 21, 2017, Graphic Design Tutorial, 17 views
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Join new co-host Melinda Livsey as Chris coaches her on how to run her creative business to achieve focus, raise her rates and delegate work to others. This is an in-depth breakdown especially for freelancers who want to start their own business.

Melinda Livsey (co-host)
Marks & Maker

13:20 How are you getting new business? Is this a priority for you?
14:20 How many hours can you expect to work per week when you are a business owner? 60? 80?
16:00 How can I delegate to others when it feels like it takes longer to explain it than just to do it myself?
20:00 Use Trello for project management with your team.
23:00 How Chris Do spends his day
25:00 How do you stay focused and on task?
28:29 Responsiveness
29:09 Role play Clients can’t afford your services.
37:00 If you say No to the smaller jobs, you are making room for the clients that can afford you.

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