Make Complex Selections Easy Using Multiply and Screen Blend Modes in Photoshop

June 29, 2017, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 29 views
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Understand the awesome Multiply and Screen blend mode in Photoshop and use it to very easily create difficult and advanced selections or masks. From selecting or masking a transparent object to changing the background in some of the most complex situations, provided the backdrop is white or black, these blend modes got you covered in one click. Besides, we are going to utilize the power of Blend-if to refine the selection even more.

(Sample Images)
1. Silhouette of Man:
2. Clouds:
3. Smoke:
4. Man Smoking:

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Selecting transparent or translucent objects or objects with no definite edges is difficult. But if the background happens to be white or black, by using the blend modes: multiply and screen, we can easily achieve it. Whether you are compositing or adding a new object to your image, these blend modes are one of the most useful in making dark or bright areas visible or invisible from the selected layer giving you the desired effect. Also, we are going to learn how to use blend-if to back the masking and refine it further. Hope this video helps you.



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