Colour palette management tutorial

August 20, 2017, Graphic Design Tutorial, 20 views
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A walkthrough how I manage brand colour palettes across different design software. Please remember to subscribe

When you’re working on designs for the same brand, it’s important to keep your colors consistent. In this video i show how I do it (with no colour-picking involved…). Hopefully it helps you figure out how to manage your color palette files in a very easy way.

PC users: I’ve got no clue how color palettes work on your computer sorry.

// Apps & plugins mentioned

Adobe Creative Cloud:
Color Palette Importer:…
Sketch palette plugin:…

// Color inspiration

Since this tutorial covered the technical side of managing color palettes rather than how to actually choose the colors for them I wanted to share some resources for that:

Choosing Great Colors (a course by Kyle Adams):…



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