How to Create ANY Text Effect Preset in Photoshop

September 28, 2017, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, 72 views
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Create Any Text Effect and Transform It to a Simple Preset or Mockup in Photoshop, No Matter How Complex Your Effect Is! Whether it is a 3D text effect, a reflection effect, or metal texture, all you need to do is to type in the text and all the layers, the effects, and the adjustments will automatically be applied. Using the amazing powers of Smart Objects, we will make everything editable and non-destructive.

In this tutorial, learn how to create presets for high-end text effects so that you can change the text and replicate the same effect multiple times. We will discover the possibilities of Smart Objects and how we can use it to create documents inside of documents in Photoshop. Hope this video helps you. Thanks for watching!

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