Character Animator New Features (Part 1: Triggers & Controls Panel)

October 19, 2017, Adobe Character Animator, 43 views
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This tutorial walks through the new Triggers and Controls panels in the latest release of Adobe Character Animator CC. Learn how to create triggers, swap sets, and a visual control panel. From how to convert old puppets to setting up MIDI controls, this video will get you up and running with triggering expressive, dynamic animated characters.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Converting Old Puppets
2:29 How To Make Triggers
7:05 How To Make Swap Sets
9:36 Merging Triggers
11:16 Triggers Panel vs. Behavior Triggers
14:18 Editing Triggers In The Timeline
16:44 Generating A Controls Panel
19:04 Adding Behavior Parameter Controls
21:50 Adding MIDI Controls
23:45 Controls Panel Recording
25:54 Outro

Part 2 covers Physics, Clipping Masks, Pose To Pose Animation, and more new features:

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Download free example projects and puppets: (Official Adobe Examples) and (Okay Samurai Puppets)
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