Character Animator New Features (Part 2: Physics & Everything Else)

October 19, 2017, Adobe Character Animator, 30 views
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This tutorial walks through the new Physics behavior and other new features in the latest release of Adobe Character Animator CC. Learn how to use the new auto-attaching for faster character rigging, making colliding physics objects, new eye and eyebrow parameters, the pose to pose face parameter, clipping masks, the new fader and layer picker behaviors, and a few quick hits through features like timeline waveform display, pro viseme editing controls and walking toe bends.

0:00 Intro
0:37 Rigging Improvements
5:39 Physics Behavior
10:51 New Eye & Eyebrow Features
14:28 Pose To Pose
17:01 Clipping Masks
20:42 Fader & Layer Picker Behaviors
24:16 Quick Hits
28:32 Outro

Part 1 covers the new Triggers and Controls Panels:

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