Color Range Mask Controls In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

October 28, 2017, Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, 68 views
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(PREVIEW) Color Range Mask Controls In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

The new *Color Range Masking* and *Luminance Masking* tools in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic are a great way to bring more precision to your local adjustments.

Thanks to these new masking tools we can make much more precise changes to our images while working with Lightroom Classic’s Adjustment Brush Tool, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter tools.

The Color Range Mask selects areas based on the colors that you sample using a new Color Range Selector tool whereas the Luminance Range Mask selects pixels based on their brightness value.

To use the Color Range Mask, you must first create some type of local change using either the Graduated Filter, the Radial Filter, or the Adjustment Brush tool. Once you have created a local change then you can select Color from the new Range Mask drop-down menu.

Next, use the new eyedropper tool (Color Range Selector) to target the colors that you want this local change to affect. For greater accuracy, click and drag rectangles around the colors that you want to select and / or use the SHIFT key to add up to five sample points.

Finally, adjust the Amount slider to expand or contract the edges of your new mask. Holding down the ALT key while you drag these sliders to see its effect on the selected areas.

Dragging either of these sliders to the right softens the mask and includes more areas. Dragging these sliders to the left contracts your mask and gives it harder edges.

It’s always tempting to drag the Amount / Smoothness sliders all the way down to zero but I warn you that doing so will often create unnatural artifacts and edges in your image. A little spill, a little softness, in our masks is generally a good thing.

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